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Dit zijn algemene netwerk-gerelateerde posts. Archief voor 2013.

When do we turn off IPv4?

Over on (through the .vantronix newsletter) Bruce Sinclair asks and attempts to answer the question When do we Turn Off the Lights on IPv4? They actually did a poll on gogoNET. The answers form a beautiful bell curve...

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→ IPv4: hoe lang nog?

ISP Today heeft een iets langere Nederlandse versie van mijn post When do we turn off IPv4?.

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→ Apple using Multipath TCP for Siri

According to Olivier Bonaventure, Apple is using Multipath TCP (MPTCP) so that iOS 7 devices can communicate with the Siri servers over both Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE at the same time. If you want some background, see this article in the IETF Journal about MPTCP that I wrote in 2009.

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Onze pakketten zijn te klein!

Zoals genoegzaam bekend, communiceren we over het internet in pakketten. Tekst, plaatjes, telefonie, video, data... alles wordt in stukken gehakt en als IP-pakketten verstuurd. Pakketten die nauwelijks groter zijn dan 25 jaar geleden, waardoor routers, switches en computers duurder en ingewikkelder zijn en meer stroom gebruiken dan nodig.

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→ Multipath TCP lets Siri seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and 3G/LTE

In the past, Google has created alternatives to widely used networking protocols such as SPDY in order to deliver search results as fast as possible. Apple is now doing something similar by having Siri use Multipath Transmission Control Protocol (MPTCP). MPTCP is an extension to the TCP protocol that's used for about 85 percent of all Internet traffic. Generally, it allows TCP to operate over multiple paths at the same time. However, Apple seems to use MPTCP for one very specific purpose: to allow Siri to switch between Wi-Fi and 3G or LTE as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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→ 7059 is my new favorite number!

RFC 7059, "A Comparison of IPv6-over-IPv4 Tunnel Mechanisms", was just published. This is a document outlining the various way to tunnel IPv6 packets over (under?) the IPv4 internet. I am one of the three co-authors, together with Sander Steffann and Rick van Rein. We were commissioned to write this document by SURFnet.

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